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Jan 20, 2010 4:00pm EST
of the medicare prescription drug entitlement even though it was my party in power in congress and in the white house. i think what you've got is a new generation of republican leadership that in the last year demonstrated our willingness not only to stand against more borrowing and spending and bailouts and these government takeovers, but republicans, i know it didn't get reported a lot, but republicans had substantive alternatives on the economy, on the budget, on energy, on health care. and as we meet with the president next week our hope is that now having heard all of us from the american people that we're going to be able to get a willing ear at the white house and among democrats on capitol hill about some of our proposals to get the economy moving again and get spending under control. >> for the fun of it, let's talk about a couple of pieces of low hanging fruit. health care and the banks. there is a legalized monopoly with insurance, yet they came in with a mandate that forced everybody to buy health insurance in an unreformed monopoly which forced the stocks to explode without liberat
Jan 11, 2010 4:00pm EST
're over 65, have diabetes and are on medicare, call now and we'll send you a free meter. it offers alternate site testing, so you can test on your arm. no more pricking your fingers. so it's less painful. it makes a big difference. and to make it even less painful, the cost of your diabetes testing supplies may be covered by medicare. join over a million others who have chosen liberty medical. call now and get your free meter. plus, for a limited time, get a free cookbook when you join. call the number on your screen. >>> welcome back. i am dylan ratigan. topping our "need to know" segment, sarah palin's become quite the journalist now. if you haven't heard it, a late-night shakeup here at nbc. you probably saw that one coming. >>> also, is the obama white house really going to go after the banks or are they simply going to continue to talk about it while subsidizing to take all of america's money? we shall see. we start, though, with breaking news from the world of pop culture. you may not technically need to know this. but we know that so many of you would like to know it. simon
Jan 19, 2010 4:00pm EST
to the middle class. the way they can pay for it is by putting in a public option, expanding medicare or by raising taxes. i hope of those three options, they don't go with the raising taxes part. >> i get it. as a reporter who gets to talk to all of you people on a fairly regular basis, i've got to say, it's surprising sometimes to be able to talk to people like yourself and get honestly the exact same answer which goes to the point that you offered up, matt, which is transparency, and the end of corporate communism in this country. i think everybody can agree it's in america's interests without regard for what your political affiliations may be. what is the exclusion for all of us? to the valid anger, the understandable frustration, and real disappointment that we are seeing across america with our political process. well, the answer is, you. politicians will listen to what you say. and if they don't, vote them out of office. look what we're seeing here today. and if you have a phone, or an e-mail, or a twitter, or a facebook account, you have more access, more direction to your pol
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3